December Sign-Up & Club Kit Orders

A new sign up form is now available here –  December sign up.  We only have 2 fencing weeks left before the end of 2021. K2 are taking time to refurbish the floor over Christmas and so our last session will be Weds 15th December. We will be returning on Weds 5th January.

We are also putting in another order for Crawley Sword Club kit, including tracksuit tops.  If you want to order anything, please fill in the form here by 16th December – Club Kit  The order should then be with us by mid-January.

We also have a few updates:

  • When signing up, please try to be as accurate as possible, as we have to pre-book the hall a month in advance. If you cannot make it after signing up, please let as know as soon as possible.
  • If you test positive with COVID, isolating will now be restricted to only those who you fenced, rather than the whole weapon group. This means you will need to keep a track of the people you fence each time you attend club.
  • Please also help to pack away the boxes by 9pm. As K2 becomes busier, we will be required to vacate the courts promptly.
  • The sign up form also includes the potential to sign up for 1:1 lessons. Lessons are free for members at Crawley Sword Club. We will try to ensure everyone that wants a lesson can have one, we will initially prioritise those with imminent competitions.

To keep our members safe and as per British Fencing guidance, our current COVID rules remain in place.  B.F. may change this over the coming weeks.

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