November Sign-Up

A new sign up form is now available, click here, November Club Sign-Up. We also have a few updates:

  • Club start time is now  7:00 p.m.
  • When signing up, please try to be as accurate as possible, as we have to pre-book the hall. We may not have enough space if we don’t know you are coming. Or we may have to pay too much for courts we will not use. If you can’t make it after signing up, please let as know as soon as possible
  • The sign-up form also includes the potential to sign up for 1:1 lessons. Lessons are free for members at Crawley Sword Club. We will try to ensure everyone that wants a lesson can have one, we will initially prioritise those with imminent competitions.

We have noticed an increase in club members with COVID over the last few weeks. To keep us all as safe as possible and as per British Fencing guidance, our current COVID rules therefore remain in place.  Please remember to wear a face mask, note who you fence, and also clean equipment after each fight.

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