September Sign-Up Form, Update and Beginners Course

A new sign up form is now available here –  September Club Sign Up form.  We also have a few updates:

  • Monday 30th August 2021 is a bank holiday and K2 will be closing early, so the club will not be meeting.
  • We are running a Beginners Course for seven weeks starting on Monday 6th September 2021 for £65.00. Please fill in the Beginners Course form before Sunday 1st September 2021 if you are interested in learning to fence.
  • Club start time will revert to 7pm (temperature checks will still take place) and we will ask you to help set up the boxes after the initial footwork / warm up session.
  • If you test positive with COVID, isolating will now be restricted to only those who you fenced, rather than the whole weapon group. This means you will need to keep a track of the people you fence with each time you attend the club.
  • When signing up for September, please try to be as accurate as possible, as we have to pre-book the hall a month in advance.
  • Please also help to pack away the boxes by 9pm. As K2 becomes busier, we will be required to vacate the courts promptly.
  • The September sign up form also includes the potential to sign up for 1:1 lessons. Lessons are free for members at Crawley Sword Club. We will try to ensure everyone that wants a lesson can have one, we will initially prioritise those with imminent competitions.
  • We are still keen to order Crawley Sword Club Kit – if you want to order items please use the link here  – Crawley Sword Club Kit. Deadline is 10th September 2021.
  • To keep our members safe and as per the British Fencing guidance, our current COVID rules remain in place.  British Fencing may change this over the coming weeks.

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