Mid-July to August Update


Following the change in COVID restrictions, a new sign up form for Mid-July to August is now available here

This form also includes the potential to sign up for 1:1 lessons. Lessons are free for members at Crawley Sword Club. However, the number of lessons available are currently quite limited. Therefore, whilst we will try to ensure everyone that wants a lesson can have one, we will initially prioritise those with imminent competitions.

To keep our members safe and as per British Fencing guidance, for the current time the COVID rules will remain in place. British Fencing are still awaiting full clarification of certain items, so this may change over the coming weeks.

One slight change is the requirement for isolating, if you have been in contact with someone with COVID. Isolating will now be restricted to only those who you fenced, rather than the whole weapon group. This means you will need to keep a track of this yourself each time you attend club.

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